WS-LT-8 Replacement for Dart C8DCPR 8 oz. Clear Rectangular Plastic Container with Lid

WS-LT-8 ClearPac Clear Containers with Flat Lids (Replacement for Dart C8DCPR)

  • Dart C8DCPR has been discontinued by the manufacturer, no longer available.
  • WS-LT-8 is a compatible replacement with the same size and qualtity.
  • Capture your customers' attention by giving them a clear view of your product, with ClearPac containers and snap on lids. ClearPac combo-paks give you the convenience of containers and lids packed together in one case. You'll reap the benefits of minimized storage requirements along with increased operational efficiency. 
  • 8 oz. Container, Flat Lid
  • Dimensions : 5 7/8 x 4 7/8 x 1 5/16
  • Combo includes : 250 Containers 250 Lids